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Free Agents The Ravens Need…

Street Talk Free Agents The Ravens Need…

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…But Won’t Sign

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the Ravens have this GM named Ozzie Newsome, and he’s kind of a big deal.

Over the years, Ozzie has taken late flyers on the likes of Vonta Leach, Bryant McKinnie, Will Hill, Kamar Aiken (mid-season signing), Dallas Clark and a slew of other role players that were roster-cut-fodder late in the offseason (or during the season in Aiken’s case), with many of his additions panning out and becoming useful pieces of playoff bound teams.

With that in mind, many Ravens fans are salivating over a handful of recent cuts that we all believe are PERFECT fits for this roster!

That’s great and all… but it’s not happening.

Get ready to have your hopes and dreams destroyed in less than 1,000 words!

Bjoern Werner, DE

free agents

Why it makes sense: You can never have enough pass rushers.

Werner, originally drafted by the Colts, never lived up to his 1st round hype in Indy, and thus, was ousted. Jacksonville rolled the dice, but he was unfortunately unable to climb their depth chart.

That being said, Werner is worth a tryout in Baltimore. Let the team see if he’s capable, and if so, he could end up being a useful rotational guy. After all, at the tender age of 26, Werner still has plenty of league years left in him.

Why it won’t happen: One would believe any additional pass rush the Ravens add moving forward would likely be veteran, proven talent. Werner is neither. His best season in ’14 saw 4 sacks and 1 forced fumble in 15 games. Not exactly eye-popping stats that would have teams clamoring for the former FSU product, and quite frankly, the Ravens have similar guys already on the roster that already know the the playbook.


Geoff Schwartz, OG

free agents

Why it makes sense: The Ravens Offensive line, while solid in the starting 5, remains one of the weaker positional groups due to a lack of depth. Adding a vet like Schwartz would instantly improve this group, who could quite possibly garner the starting LG duties, allowing Alex Lewis to backup Schwartz while growing into the position (he’s good for sure, but a rookie nonetheless), and John Urschel to remain a backup (as he should be).

Why it won’t happen: Schwartz had the starting gig in Detroit, and is likely looking for a similar opportunity around the league. Those starting opportunities exist elsewhere, but not necessarily in Baltimore.

Then there’s the whole injury waiver ordeal the Ravens went through with Jake Long; Schwartz is also oft injured, and if he’s not willing to sign such a clause?

No dice.

Paul Kruger, DE/OLB

free agents

Why it makes sense: Other than the fact that Kruger is a former-Raven, a former fan-favorite in Baltimore, and would surely help the pass rush for the Ravens, upon his ousting in Cleveland, Kruger had this to say:

Dumping on the Browns?

Love it.

Why it won’t happen: While Kruger was a valuable player during his time in Baltimore, there’s a strong chance that he was corrupted in Cleveland, and thus lost any effectiveness that Baltimore had instilled in him. Would the Ravens want to risk him tainting the locker room like a staff infection in a clubhouse?

On the flip side, Baltimore didn’t pony up big money for Kruger the first time around, so who’s to say he isn’t still bitter?

Perhaps a reunion isn’t in the works…

Brandon Browner, CB

free agents

Just kidding. He’s downright awful. His league leading penalties last season make Jimmy Smith look like a saint to officials.

Devin Hester, KR/PR

free agents

Why it makes sense: Hester had a severe case of turf toe last season that landed him on the IR, but passed his physical with the Falcons this offseason, prior to his release, meaning he’s geared up and ready to go.

Then there’s the current state of unrest on the Ravens roster, where uncertainty looms large at the PR/KR position. Hester would provide the first sure-handed returner the Ravens have seen since the early days of Jacoby Jones, making this move seem like a no-brainer.

Why it won’t happen: While Hester is a phenomenal talent as a returner, his value as a receiver is non-existent. Not only that, but the fact that the Ravens are looking at a logjam in the receiving corps- one of which will inevitably be the return guy-  would likely mean Hester’s addition would reduce the current crop to 6. With Smitty, Perriman, Wallace, Aiken, Moore & Butler all likely locks, Hester would likely spell the end for Campanaro. Barring (another) injury for Camp, I don’t see this happening.

Jake Long, OT

free agents

Why it makes sense: This isn’t Jakes first rodeo with the Ravens this offseason, as there was an initial deal in place back in July. Many were happy for the added depth to a current ‘meh’ group tasked to backup Flacco’s backside protectors.

Then Long balked at the injury waiver in the contract, walked away thinking he could get a better deal, and here he sits a couple months later empty handed…

It would make sense for Jake’s agent to accept the injury waiver clause, get him on the roster, and let him prove his value.

Why it won’t happen: Either one of two things happens- Jake Long gets all butt-hurt over that injury waiver issue, and won’t sign with Baltimore out of sheer pride, OR the Ravens won’t even bother with Long after that whole debacle before.


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